About Us

We started in 2000 by forming the Wonder String Quartet. Our initial idea was enable the musicians with classical educated to play in a different way.

In addition to classical music, we wanted to try playing other musical genres such as tango, jazz, latino, ethnic, pop, rock. The number of engagements started growing, which required forming other ensembles for specific occasions.

We offer a big choice of ensembles, from the solo violin to chamber orchestra, with possibility of arranging the ensemble composition of your choice. A versatile repertoire performed by professional musicians, members of symphonic and chamber orchestras with an experience of many years in concerts and live performances in Serbia and abroad.

Our repertoire includes the compositions ranging from classical music, tango, jazz, evergreen and Latino, famous film music, ethno, amazing rock and pop string arrangements, to special repertoires for weddings and author pieces.

Today, in addition to the string quartet, which remains our base, Wonder strings can offer different combinations of ensembles of instruments:
Besides that we can offer ensembles that include the percussions, the bass, the piano and other instruments.