Corporate events

Organizing corporate events is much like a puzzle – all the pieces need to be put together in a way that the guests enjoy themselves, have good fun and go home with new contacts and fresh business ideas.

Event teams invest a great deal of energy into making these events as original and creative as possible and the music is always the star of the evening, regardless of the occasion and venue. If there are many people who already known one another, music that is too loud will make it difficult for them to talk; the same goes for parties at which new contacts are made. Good networking requires sophisticated quality music in the background.

The Wonder Strings Quartet has participated in many events:

  • Corporate parties
  • Anniversary cocktail parties
  • Venue openings (hotels, shopping malls, factories)
  • Concerts at festivals and cultural events
  • Launches of products and services
  • Presentations of awards, diplomas and trophies
  • Fairs and receptions
  • Exhibitions
  • Sports promotions
  • Holiday cocktail parties and celebrations

We offer a rich repertoire from which you can pick the music that is to your liking but we also offer our suggestions and ideas. You can read our suggestions and ideas on our blog or contact us directly so we can go over the event that you are organizing.

There is also a possibility of hiring other ensembles – solo violin, Wonder Duo as well as ensembles with the guitar, flute or harp.