Private events

When you want to preserve a moment forever you are prepared to invest a great deal of effort and creativity into making it happen. Elegant dresses, the décor, colors – all of this is captured in the photos while the heart remembers the atmosphere and records a video with sound.

The Wonder Strings Quartet has been a part of many private events and celebrations:

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Christenings
  • Birthdays
  • Private lunch or dinner parties
  • Surprise parties

At over a hundred events our notes were that special spice and something the celebrations were remembered by. We participated in celebrity birthday parties, alternative rock weddings but also in creating incredible, film-like scenes for the memories of ordinary people.

We offer a rich repertoire from which you can pick the music that is to your liking but we also offer our suggestions and ideas. You can read our suggestions and ideas on our blog or contact us directly so we can go over the event that you are organizing.

There is also a possibility of hiring other ensembles – solo violin, Wonder Duo as well as ensembles with the guitar, flute or harp.