Concert of the Wonder Chamber Ensemble

We arrived at the idea that it would be very interesting to have a somewhat larger group of people perform the standard Wonder String Quartet repertoire. Conductor Simonida Dragović loved the idea and said she wanted to conduct the ensemble.

As a result of this a concert of the Wonder chamber ensemble comprising the Wonder String Quartet members and all the people who were, at some point or the other, a part of the Quartet, will be held on June 25, 2012 at 8 pm at the large concert hall of the Students’ Cultural Centre.

Performed in the first part of the program will be Haydn’s Symphony No. 27 inG major, Gustav Holst’s St. Paul’s Suite, Faure’s Pavane and Henryk Czyz’s Canzona di Barocco.

Compositions performed in the second part of the program will include the works of Aleksandar Gajić, Aleksandar Simić, Ljova Lev Zhurbin, Miloš Simić and other rock, pop, jazz and tango music in the Wonder String Quartet repertoire.