How to Organize Alternative Wedding

It happens, though not too often, that the bride and groom are not too keen on having a wedding celebration and that their music taste and lifestyle are alternative. It’s the people who roll their eyes at the very mention of a traditional wedding with a few hundred wedding guests and romantic standards, and dream weddings simply don’t interest them. If you know someone who shudders at the thought of bows, lace, gorgeous dresses and wedding gowns…you can imagine how difficult it is for them to find a band for a non-mainstream wedding.

Wonder Strings Quartet musicians all have different sensibilities, they are of different ages and have different tastes in music so it was only natural for us to include in our song list everything “from Bach to Sevdah music”:)  Therefore, couples who like alternative music will be able to find on our list their choice of music- – new wave, punk, dark

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So far we’ve had a chance to be the secret ingredient at several alternative weddings and we succeeded in helping make this day very special for people who are not too fond of mainstream music. They asked for the playlist to include songs such as The Cure – Just Like Heaven, Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus, Style Council – Shout to the Top, The Smiths – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out, U2 – With or Without You… and we truly enjoyed ourselves while playing these songs arranged for a string quartet.

They wanted their first dance to be to the sounds of Nick Cave’s fantastic song I’ll Love You Till the End of the World.

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At one of the weddings the bride had a dress made from recycled material while the groom wore a pair of Dr. Martens. Guys, if you’re reading this we want you to know that we had an awesome time at your wedding! 

Here’s a place that you can explore and where you can find songs that will be a great setup at your wedding. If that one, important song happens not to be on the string quartet song list, write to us, maybe we can do some magic and play those notes for you after all.

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